If you’re a Kino Flo fan, you’ll love the Celeb 201 – the upgraded LED version of the Diva Lite. Check out the video below.

The Celeb 201 is one heck of a light. If you walked around with one of these permanently shining on you, you’d attract attention wherever you went. But then so would anyone with a couple of guys in tow carrying a 61cm by 35cm light pointed at his or her face.

Back to the light itself. Here’s what it offers:

  • A soft, even wraparound light that’s very flattering for interview subjects
  • Dial-in variable colour temperature control – so you can easily adjust the light to work with daylight coming in through a window or in fully controlled conditions
  • Once the colour temperature is set, it doesn’t shift so you get a consistent look to your image with no colour fluctuations
  • No flicker
  • Light and more compact than the Diva light
  • Can be run on a battery

Check out the video below. It shows the kit and what results you can get. You’ll also see our new General Manager, Antoine. Easily as good looking as a young De Niro.


To try this light, contact the Atlas booking guys on info@atlastelevision.com.

Happy shooting,