Dubai’s annual summer evacuation has wound down and with production set to pick up in September, here are four ways to spruce up your shots.

Digi Dolly
A simple one to start with. Try using a Digi Dolly for your next interview or b-roll sequence. They’re easy to set up – you don’t even need an assistant or extra pair of hands. And the daily hire rate fits most budgets. Use it to add movement to your interview with a slow tracking motion or to add a bit of zest to whatever b-roll you need for your edit. Check for more details.

If you’ve got a bit more in your budget, try our new MOVI system. We’ve had this piece of kit since late spring and it’s a crowd pleaser. The MOVI makes shots previously only possible with a Steadicam and skilled operator achievable by any good cameraman with just a few hours of basic training and practice. It gives you steady handheld shots with a huge range of movements possible. We have a few cameramen who can easily get you fantastic results and if you are hiring a cameraman for the day anyway the only additional cost is hire of the actual system.

Zeiss CP.2 Prime Lenses
If you normally only use zoom lenses, try a Zeiss CP.2 prime lens next time you’re shooting with a Canon 5D or C300. The quality of these lenses is outstanding – superior to the Canon L-series zoom lenses most commonly used with these cameras. You can expect superb images and you can really exploit the shallow depth of field offered by larger sensor cameras like the 5D. The rates are within most budgets making the use of superb prime lenses affordable. For details, go to 

Shoot Slow Motion
Slow motion can add a hugely impressive quality to your edit – and it can visually highlight a point you want to make. And thanks to the digital cinema revolution, you can get high quality slow motion on most budgets. At the lower end, consider using the Sony NEX-FS700. This camera can shoot 240 frames per second at full HD resolution – and even higher frame rates at lower resolutions – at a very affordable daily hire rate. For medium-size budgets and even higher quality requirements, try the Sony PMW-F55 which can shoot up to 240 frames per second at 2K resolution. For more on the F55, go to