The Atlas Studio was built as a proper studio and is located in Dubai Studio City. It is not a converted warehouse or facility originally meant for something else.

Key features of the studio

  • Total floor space is about 172 square metres (1,850 square feet)
  • Studio floor space for filming is:
    • Back wall with full infinity curve: 9 metres (29.5 feet)
    • 2 x side walls with full infinity curves: 9.5 metres (31.1 feet)
  • White walls and white floor
  • Black drapes on all four sides for sound insulation and if black backdrop is needed
  • Lighting grid covering entire studio floor space for filming
  • Black baffling drape on lighting grid for further sound insulation
  • Low noise air conditioner
  • 70kW of power available
  • Drop down green screen roll for easy use
  • Full range of camera, lighting, live vision mix and sound kit available on site
  • Experienced crew available on site
  • Private production workspace and green room in adjacent office
  • Plenty of parking
  • Restaurants and coffee shops only minutes walk away


  • Powerful low noise air conditioning means your talent and crew can work in comfort year round
  • 70kW of power means you shouldn’t have to hire a generator
  • Proper sound insulation means you can record clean sound
  • White, black and green backgrounds all available without the need for painting or additional charges
  • Equipment available on site so you don’t have to organise it elsewhere
  • Experience crew available so you don’t need to look for them
  • Production office facilities available with easy access to studio
  • Range of restaurants and coffee shops nearby to make catering simple
  • Plenty of parking very close to the studio so you don’t need to hunt for a place to put your car