Slow motion can add huge production value to your edit. And thanks to the Sony NEX-FS700, you can film super slow motion very affordably.

To give you an example of what it looks like, I agreed to run behind an estate car on a lightly used road at Dubai Studio City with the FS700 set to 400 frames per second. The regular frame rate is 25 frames per second so this is equivalent to 1/16th of regular speed. The results are fantastic. The camera can also go as high as 800 frames per second to offer even slower motion – save that for another video. Bear in my mind we used to be very happy with 120 frames per second.

We used a Canon EF-mount zoom lens on the camera.

The video shows me running at regular speed (in he Dubai heat) and then at 400 frames per second so the difference is clear. And what about the audio when you’re set to slow motion? Well watch to find out.

The link to the video is just below this sentence.



Till next time.

Happy Shooting!