If you need to hire kit in Dubai, there is reasonable availability of the most commonly used cameras and the related equipment that would typically go with them. Some companies specialise in equipment aimed at the broadcast and corporate markets, others focus more on the commercials/film (fast becoming digital cinema) market. A Google search of whatever camera or other kit you are looking for with Dubai also among your search words should bring up a good choice of the best options.

Once you’ve identified some potential suppliers, there are a few things to check. The first is a guarantee. Most companies will require payment in advance if you have not worked with them before. Ask these companies what guarantee they offer in the event there is an issue with the kit. Check if the company you want to deal with offers a partial or full refund and/or free supply of the equipment is a re-shoot is necessary due to faulty kit. Some have more resources and offer more support than others in the event that kit goes down. Ideally you want the company to have the back-up to be able to promptly deliver replacement kit to you in case something fails to work. Be sure to find out what the suppliers you are considering offer in this respect.

The other thing to confirm is insurance coverage for the equipment. Some suppliers offer this – typically for an additional charge, others don’t. You may have your own policy that covers hired-in equipment. If you’re coming from abroad make sure your policy is valid worldwide. If you need the supplier to provide insurance, make sure you know the terms and the amount of the deductible (the amount you will be responsible to pay in the event of a claim) and that you’re happy with what’s being offered. One point on insurance – if you are hiring a crew with equipment, insurance should be included in the crew and kit hire rate.

The bottom line: you can get quality kit in Dubai, just take the same precautions you would anywhere else.