See Cal run. Look – the shot is steady, no shaking and the cameraman (Fawad) is running beside him. Yes, it’s another example of what you can do with a MOVI camera stabilizer with not much practice. Fawad has spent about five hours using it.

The link is below – but before you go there, a few comments. The shot was taken with a Canon C300 using a Canon EF 24-70mm zoom lens. No focus puller. And something to be aware of – you have to remove everything attached to the camera body so that it can fit on the MOVI meaning you have to record sound remotely using a Sound Devices or equivalent mixer/recorder.

It takes 30-40 minutes to get the camera and MOVI ready to shoot. Once that’s done, you can do as many takes as you want. We deliberately only did two takes for this shot to show what you can achieve with little practice and few attempts. A few more takes and we could have approached perfection.

The first link takes you to the demo, the second shows the MOVI rig on our website.

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