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The Yelling Cameraman Taught Me This Trick

His name was Mike. He was a 6-foot 1 (about 185cm), 100-kilo, former NHL (National Hockey League) enforcer. That’s the unofficial tough guy who retaliates when anyone from the other team messes with anyone on his team. Now he was a cameraman. And I was the rookie TV...

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Fujinon Mk18-55mm Lens – Wow!

You Won’t Believe What This Lens Can Do For You! We’ve been waiting a long time for this lens – you probably have too. It’s the Fujinon Mk18-55mm: a cine-style lens with the features of an ENG lens. What do I mean by that? Let me explain. Our most popular camera is...

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Miles Rowland – Fantastic TVC You Must See

Check this out! The latest TV commercial Miles Rowland worked on as DoP. It was for the Adelaide football club. The club has posted the ad on their Facebook page and the hits are soaring. It’s impressive. As one viewer said: “the best ad for footy going around.” See...

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Slow Motion – Easy and Affordable

Slow motion can add huge production value to your edit. And thanks to the Sony NEX-FS700, you can film super slow motion very affordably. To give you an example of what it looks like, I agreed to run behind an estate car on a lightly used road at Dubai Studio City...

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Digi Dolly

We have previously covered different ways of how to increase your production value without breaking the bank. One way of doing this has been mentioned before as well – using a Digi Dolly. In Dubai, this is a favourite with some of our clients who regularly hire these...

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Atlas Gets Sony PXW-FS7

The PXW-FS7 is a serious upgrade of Sony’s NEX-FS700. I say serious because it offers far better recording options: 50mbps, 4:2:2, 10-bit recording (ticks UK HD Broadcast Quality standard boxes) in a camera that’s extremely affordable to hire. And it can record in 4K....

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