You Won’t Believe What This Lens Can Do For You!

We’ve been waiting a long time for this lens – you probably have too.

It’s the Fujinon Mk18-55mm: a cine-style lens with the features of an ENG lens.

What do I mean by that? Let me explain.

Our most popular camera is the Sony PXW-FS7. Most clients use Canon L-series lenses with it. These lenses are made for stills shooting – not for shooting video. Because of that, they present the following issues:

  • If you set your focus on a subject and then pull back, the subject will go out of focus unless you reset the focus
  • You cannot do proper back-focus adjustments – this can make it difficult to focus precisely
  • If you do a pull focus, the size of the framed image changes (breathing)
  • General handling is just not as quick and easy as with an ENG lens

The Fujinon lens gets rid of these problems. You can operate it like an ENG lens:

Focus: zoom in, set your focus on your subject and pull back to whatever framing you choose – your focus is set! What’s in focus will not change when you reframe.

There is no breathing. When you do a pull focus, the frame stays constant. It doesn’t change.

Also, many cine lenses have a focus rotation of 300 degrees. That requires a fair bit of focus ring turning to get your focus spot on. This means it’s not so easy to focus accurately without a focus puller or follow focus unit. The focus rotation on the Fujinon lens is 200 degrees – you don’t have to turn the focus wheel as much to focus accurately. You can actually do it easily with one hand.

I don’t need to explain to cameramen the benefits the features above offer. As a producer, this lens means you can expect quicker shot set-ups and a far lower chance of any focus issues. Speed, accuracy and convenience.

Another benefit: the Fujinon lens has a smooth aperture control – no clicks when you change t-stop.

And I forgot to make an important point. The Mk18-55mm lens has a native Sony E-mount. This means if you’re using it with a Sony FS7 you don’t need an adaptor. Another hassle eliminated.

The reviews on this lens have been consistently fantastic. This is a huge step forward. We’re now waiting for the 50-135mm lens – due to ship in July but expect delays.

On top of all of the above – this lens is extremely affordable!

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Until next time,

Happy Shooting!