Atlas has finally joined the ranks of Red owners. Earlier this month we took delivery of a brand new Red Dragon. And what a camera! It can shoot in a range of settings from HD through to 6K and has a massive dynamic range of 16.5 stops (it can record information to reveal details from the blackest blacks to the brightest highlights more or less). It can shoot slow motion at different frame rates that depend on the settings but does a respectable 240 frames when set to 2K and 120 frames when set to 4K.

The camera comes with a support kit, a viewfinder, a Red 5-inch on board monitor, a side handle, a V-mount plate for batteries and a handheld system. We have a couple of photos in our Equipment section.

We carry a range of PL-mount lenses to go with the camera – just check our website to see some of the options. The Dragon can also be used with EF-mount lenses.

We hope you might need to hire it soon.

Happy shooting!